Soaring Saturday’s-
A Monthly Adaptive Paragliding Event

Sky ThAIRapy Pilot Justin Flying a tandem Flight with the chair

Proudly Announcing Our New Nonprofit Event: Soaring Saturdays.

We are truly excited to let everyone know that starting in July 2019 we will have one event on the 2nd Saturday of each month, thus the name #SoaringSaturdays. It has been a long-time dream to launch a nonprofit event where we get to take people who under normal circumstances might not have the ability to, paragliding. The fun, smiles, inspiration, and hope we are planning on providing will be extremely rewarding for everyone involved.

What is the purpose of Soaring Saturdays?

This is our way through “Sky Therapy” to have an impact on the lives of people who have some sort of physical or mental condition. At the very least, we are hoping to put a smile on their face and help them live completely in the moment. A lot of the times the reason we do these sports or certain activities is often about just being fully in the moment, not worrying about bills, or medical procedures, or any other tough realities that people may be facing. In that moment, while we are flying nothing else matters except having a good flight and enjoying where you are. That is the goal, to provide a means of enjoyment through Sky Therapy. If we can make you smile and not worry for a little while once, then it can be done over and over again.

What does a Soaring Saturday look like?

The day will consist of a handful of fun activities that a typical person looking to learn to paraglide might experience. The day will start by making a few new friends and talking with people who potentially share a similar experience. We will be doing some ground handling exercise’s (weather permitting) where we will take a look at the equipment and how it works. Then once everybody is ready and the conditions look safe, we will do some adaptive tandem paragliding! WooHoo! =] Depending on the time of day, we will wrap it up with either a cookout lunch or dinner!

Mock Up Harness training to paraglide

How can you help?

This program will be completely free for the participating individuals but as you know there are expenses that are unavoidable and will need to be covered by Sky ThAIRapy. As it stands, we still need to make quite a few improvements to the location where we will be hosting #SoaringSaturdays. We need to build entry ramps that are wheelchair friendly, we even need to bring in big equipment to level the parking lot for easier wheelchair mobility. Each flight we give away will be a $200 value. We would even love to be able to help pay for travel accommodations. The point is that even though everything will be free for the participant it will not be free for us and we could use your help making these dreams come true.

Any donation you can afford will be going towards an extremely positive experience. Thank you in advance for your act of kindness. We know there are a lot of great charities to choose from these days. We really appreciate the support and so will the people we take flying.

Your Donation Makes a difference

To better understand the reason behind Soaring Saturdays here is a statement from our founder Justin Boer.

One thing that kept me positive when I was having a hard time after paralysis, was knowing there’s so many others on this planet that would do anything to be in my place. I’m so grateful to have found AccesSurf, a nonprofit based in HI that helps anyone surf, because it really opened my eyes about how we can help one another. Becoming involved in volunteering and even competing as an adaptive surfer really inspired me to help others realize they can do anything they want with some effort. We should all strive to motivate people with disabilities to follow their passion and always work towards improving our situation.

Adaptive Paragliding at HSb Flight Park

What does a future Soaring Saturday event look like?

As a new event, starting out, we will be keeping things small. We want to make sure that every little detail and all the kinks are worked out before we try to expand. We want this event to maintain a personal setting; where each and every individual gets the attention they deserve. As for our future, we would love to see this event expand into a large gathering filled with not only those we will be helping but many other adaptive athletes, pilots, friends and families. It will be a stress-free, fun-filled day for anyone and everyone. Just simply show up and be inspired to meet other people and become a part of the adaptive community.

Do you know someone who would love flying with us?

We are open to working with many different people with all kinds of conditions. Each participant will be hand selected in house through a public nomination process! If you know somebody who would be a great fit for Soaring Saturday’s, please fill out the form below. We would like for you to provide as much information about the person you are nominating as possible.

**If you want to nominate more than one person please submit a seperate form
Please enter your email, so we can reach out and follow up with the nominee.
We need to know who is making the nomination in case we have more questions.
We need to know who is making the nomination in case we have more questions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. This is just the beginning of many more awesome updates to come! If you would like to be one of the first people to hear about Sky ThAIRapy and the mission that we are on. Scroll to the bottom of this page and subscribe to our mailing list. If you have any questions or ideas for future project we would love to hear from you. You can head on over to our Contact Us page and send us an email. You could also message us on Facebook to have a casual conversation. 

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